A Miami Nurse at Home

Alzheimer's is a frightening and complicated disease. Alzheimer's caregivers have their work cut out for them. Luckily there are online resources and support groups. Online support groups are available for Alzheimer's caregivers any time of the day or night. This is...
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Ins and Outs of Geriatric Care Managers

Geriatric care managers (GCMs) come from various backgrounds mostly nursing and social work.
Many GCMs will compile information provided by the family, senior, and information gathered from the assessment to create a care plan. Care plans are generally flexible and should be updated at least every three months or when significant changes occur. Geriatric care managers can be found online easily. This website provides a listing of all GCMs who are affiliated with the National Association of Geriatric Care Managers. Families should consider a GCM’s availability, adaptability, and knowledge of resources when looking for a GCM. Families should also consider a GCM’s geographical area. In an emergency how soon can the GCM respond to your loved one? Remember to check credentials and choose wisely.

Assisting the Elderly and Wheelchair Bound to Care for Seedlings
When I worked in a long-term nursing facility, many accommodations were made to meet the resident’s wants and needs. The
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Mismanaged Rib Fractures in the Elderly Population & the Burdens of the Healthcare System
With the elderly population expected to increase significantly over the next few decades, healthcare systems understand the burden that is
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Elderly Home Care, a Growing Trend
In the past, the elderly were cared for by their children at home, the original elderly home care. There simply
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Social Cognitive Therapy Improves Geriatric Physical Therapy Compliance
Promoting independence and mobility is important for our aging population. As the number of senior adults is expected to increase
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Nurses Aides in Geriatric Facilities: All About the Angels Who Do this Difficult Job
Let me first start off by saying this: Think of a job you think you can’t do, due to the
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5 Reasons to Use a Geriatric Case Manager for Elder Care
A Geriatric Case Manager is a saving grace for many who are faced with the dilemma of providing care for
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