A Geriatric Case Manager is a saving grace for many who are faced with the dilemma of providing care for their elderly relatives. If you are providing elder care, then you know firsthand how challenging it can be. Many family members are thrust into this position with no training, resources, or support but are expected to provide top-notch care for an elder who may have special medical, social, and psychological needs which are constantly changing yet need to be met on a daily basis.
Consider using this type of specialist when you are faced with such a daunting task as caring for an elder. Here are some important reasons why you should consider this option:


A Case Manager in Geriatrics has the objectivity and training to accurately assess the physical and mental condition, and social needs of an elder patient. Furthermore, the elder person is likely to relate to this healthcare professional as an authority figure and reveal more insight into his/her physical and mental condition than if he/she were relating to a family member.


A Geriatrics Case Manager is trained to meet the needs of both the patient and the family members. As such, education about available resources and how to access them is a huge benefit for all parties.

Flexibility of Duties:

The role of this type of case manager varies from client to client. Some families need more active participation and personalized service. For example, an elder person may need the Case Manager to accompany him/her to a doctor’s appointment. For families members who are geographically distant, this is an answer to their prayers. No matter how much or how little intervention is required, the care plan will be designed and tailored specifically to the patient and family.

Respite Care:

Providing full-time care for an elderly person can be rewarding but also physically and emotionally draining. By turning over some of the responsibility to a specialist in the geriatrics arena, family members not only get much needed help but also respite care which can help them recharge their emotional batteries.

Enjoying Your Elder Family Member Once Again:

It is a tough role for a family member to care for an elder relative. Changing roles from child to caregiver is not so simple; there is too much history and possibly emotional baggage that may impede the process of providing well-intentioned care. Any rebuke from an elder may be taken personally due to the relationship. A professional Case Manager in the field of Geriatrics acts as a buffer, allowing relatives of an elderly person to enjoy their time with their loved one and not take on some of the more difficulty tasks of caregiving for which they may not be suited, either psychologically or physically.

A Geriatric Case Manager is a vital resource to help elders and family members avoid the pitfalls of aging and meet challenges head-on with the confidence that any problems that arise can be managed and successfully resolved.