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Adaptation of comic book writer North America Philip Craig Russell of quad ring when Wagner returned it is not the first and probably won’t be the last – to test the strength of the examples of pan-cultural in the work of Wagner. Several resolutions of the ring followed in the direction of the ‘aggiornamento’ of issues drawn up by the composer already at the time of the first presentation of the session in 1876. One of the first writers to shed light on the potential of quad research (politics) of the human nature was Bernard Shaw, who saw in the four operas (Wagner’s preferred ‘dramas) is the symbol anarcossocialista industrial society. The director and the French director Patrice Chéreau (1944-2013) aware of the importance of this observation of Shaw (the perfect Wagnerite, 1898), made it the main idea of his historic visit to assemble the ring when Wagner returned in the year of the centenary of the premiere in 1976, having as a partner another legend of the musical scene of the French Pierre Boulez (1925-2016).

There is a lack of consistency annoying between gods, demigods and humans in the assembly of Boulez-Chéreau and operations invited one of the critics of “the gods of capitalism in the 19th century”. As Craig “Russell”, although adopting a more conservative view and nostalgia, this is not just a struggle for the magic ring forged by the dwarf ensures its owner the power to dominate the world. It is in fact a struggle between the power of the gods and human beings talented in the first summer his home was destroyed in the fourth and final opera of the cycle, twilight of the gods (Götterdämerung). Chéreau, the director’s formalist (Queen Margot), I realized that he will have to resort to visual composition is more sophisticated that the usual not to fall into the trap of building the proverbial neomarxista (shorthand) of the quad.

Other directors in addition to Chéreau tried to reinvent the cycle, such as the Canadian Robert Lepage (in the capital between 2010 and 2012) and the German Frank Castorf (in Bayreuth in 2013), the two fiascoes between the leitmotifs of the Orthodox. Installation Chéreau, due to the impact of staging, and stood as a landmark of modernism from the Wagner. The nymphs of the Rhine, the Guardians of gold, is reduced cold prostitutes. Wotan is the Supreme capitalist in the fight against a new capital which emerged from the industrial revolution combined in the figure of the dwarf is Alberich (in the Assemblies of the 1930s, marked by the Jewish). The gods in the assembly Chéreau, wearing clothes from the 18th century were definitely characters obsolete in an environment hostile to the existence of the supernatural.

In a scenario dominated by the presence of hydroelectric power station of the Rhine River, the Chéreau staged her ideal policy without forgetting the mythical dimension of the operas of Wagner, so well exploited in the adaptation to comics submitted by Craig Russell. The difference is that the designer fell into the sea from the collective after a romance that drew the first staging of the ring when Wagner returned carrying in a dose of violence (especially in Siegfried), which is the basic element in all the myths. In an era characterized by mounting bestiality adaptation is a cartoonist is Read More recommend to new generations.

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