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Ministers have been summoned to an emergency meeting of the Cabinet on Wednesday afternoon, where they will be asked to sign Theresa May the final Brexit deal with Brussels.

Exit Britain: the European Union and the United Kingdom negotiators agree on a withdrawal from the agreement the text of the policy directly

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Critical meeting to review the final text of the withdrawal from the agreement reached on Tuesday by Britain and the European Union negotiators as the first step in a long process of ratification in the United Kingdom withdrawal from the European Union.

Ministers were being summoned to No. 10 on the unit for briefings on the latest developments in the early evening. One source said that allows them to see the key papers on Tuesday evening but do not take them at home.

“The cabinet will meet at 2 p.m. tomorrow to consider the draft agreement negotiating teams had arrived in Brussels to decide on the next steps,” the No 10 spokesman confirmed. “The Council of ministers had been invited to read the documents before the meeting”.

The main instrument of denunciation of the agreement extends to more than 400 pages of dense legal text. Ministers will be given the opportunity to read the documents before the meeting would be held accountable to them carefully to see when and how the Irish border can help to finish what is stated in its provisions.

Brexiters in the Council of ministers has repeatedly raised concerns that the United Kingdom should not log in to help arrange the traps in the country’s permanent representative in the customs union. You will also need to know whether the agreement contains any of the role of the European Court of justice in resolving disputes, such as termination assistance.

The European Union, the source assured that “a continuous text” was sent to London, but the officials didn’t call the deal, saying the full agreement at the political level is still needed. “It is now about to see if this sticks,” the source said.

If the Cabinet approves the plan on Wednesday, the European Union is expected to hold a special Brexit summit on 25 November, with the European Union affairs ministers are likely to prepare the ground in an extraordinary meeting on 19 November.

Parliament then ratified the agreement in the eagerly anticipated “meaningful vote” to be held in mid-December. One Westminster source suggested that it could happen on 10 December, after at least two days of debate.

Those who are hoping to hold a second referendum is expected to use that moment to try to win a majority in the House of Commons on the idea.

“I hope finally we have something. I think it’s very close now,” a senior EU source said the distinction between an unsuccessful attempt to reach an agreement last month that ended when a British exit of the Secretary-Dominic Raab the European Union and chief negotiator Michel Barnierin Brussels. “The last time Dominic Raab said No, but now [Theresa May] puts his weight behind it, so I think she is convinced that she agreed on a good deal.”

The summit would be preceded by an intense round of meetings and exchange of views on the text between Brussels and other EU capitals on all levels of European diplomacy. Member states of the European Union led by France and Germany, said the EU chief negotiator that they will not be committed in the deal threatens to undermine long-term economic interests.


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