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The cable from the car. Ronaldo Correia de Brito, 66, a prize São Paulo of literature in 2009 with the novel the Galilee, was trying to resume the long narrative since 2012 when it launched I was there, focus on the love triangle between the student, his girlfriend and a friend. Now in the Dora without the veil, his third novel, The author returns to the wild universe of the first books of short stories – the knife (2003) and the book of men (2005) – resume and is not exactly a space to the literature of the first half of the last century, but choosing a new route, from contemporary drama that depend on the formal elements of classical tragedy mirror the legendary Qatari society in confrontation with modernity and secularism.

+The book tells the story of violence in Brazil

+’We are losing the war to the hatred,” says the journalist all Chad

The nature of the family that followed, Ronald not rarely borrows a character from real life and laying horses. The impression that if you have read three long novels is that the author has built with them Bildungsroman. However, he takes advantage of his personal experience and stories of patients exceeds the expense of the CV. In the Dora without the veil, for example, that he abandon the role of the narrator omniscient and don’t exercise flaubertiano to take the narrator-the person of a woman, the French sociologist, sexagenária and the challenge is who decides to fulfill the promise to his father to the country in search of a grandmother – Dora from the title. She knew Grandpa, part, then in a truck of pilgrims to the side of her husband the doctor. Such an experience, the Evoque, it took Ronaldo to Juazeiro do Norte years to understand this universe of faith, which is the resistance of the secular in the city.

“At the suggestion of a friend, that you have read miracle in Juazeiro (one of the tales of the book of men), I decided to follow your advice and enlarge the story,” says Ronald. And so he was away from the conflict expressed in the story, and under current discussion in the novel, The situation of women in the island patriarch, segregacionismo social apartheid in the country divided by violence and the inability of transit interclassista in Brazil are unaware of its history and repeat the mistakes of the past in the present.

Dora without the veil speaks of the concentration camps that existed in the north-eastern backlands of Brazil in the 1930s, the so-called ‘sheepfolds of the government”, which would confine the victims of the drought and to go further in history, recalling the shameful episode, the bathroom Thayer led the animal world, the Swiss Louis Agassiz between 1865 and 1866. Agassiz, the mole, who built his scientific career in the United States of America adopted the theory of the degeneration of the racial service, the purpose of the U.S. government to blacks, in the wake of the project to settle former slaves of Uncle Sam in the country of the Amazon.

“Look, this is the folds of the government of 1932, which was a goal of preventing damage from dehydration waiting in Fortaleza and other cities, did not differ in any of the concentration camps held by Nazis, because the population of the region was confined in inhuman conditions, had head shaved starved died of disease, and guarded by soldiers,” says Ronald. “I want to reveal a history that was erased”, and also citing a campaign of imperialism and race, led by Agassiz the inheritance of a curse that was planted in Brazil, the idea that miscegenation between the races of man leads to degeneration.

His novel shows how the idea of the context of relations between the powerful and the destitute, even among Frances the wife of Alfonso, the young, the poor lover of the wiring. Fashion designer (underwear for women) in full wild, he questions the supposed professional equality liberal lover who is suspicious of the honesty and good intentions of the tea.

“The other side that matters to me is how the accession of the West in modernity was the shock, change particularly the relationship with the past.” The ruins of the mill are the ruins of only. Leave a little of the world that Ronaldo was born in Saboeiro, Ceara, met in childhood. Festival of Francisca, in a certain way, it is your personal journey sticks which heard local legends, by the mother to write letters to migrants, just as it does in the movie Central do Brasil, personal Isadora. “My mom taught me the technique of writing, listen to people and write”.

He perfected this technique by listening to patient stories. The wiring is based on a young woman met him in the hospital. “I took three months and I discovered to my surprise that the issuer lingerie in the rough was more common than I had imagined, because of the lack of action as you herdman”. Counterpoint sensitive and bisexual wires rich, Hermógenes, the suspect killed three women, and it is a tribute to the Grande the Sertão:Veredas. “There is the shock of a ticket to another world that left the guy from the wasteland even more violent,” he reflects. “Wire, then the verification code of sexuality in this universe,” he concludes.

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